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    Andrea Rosselli Del Turco

    “I was born in Pisa and my roots are deeply linked to this land. My last name belongs to a Florentine family whose cultural history in Tuscany has always accompanied me. My current residence, in the hamlet of Fabbrica di Peccioli, in the province of Pisa, is the conclusion of a journey that brought me back to the roots of my father’s family. The wealth of the family has been consumed by successive generations, but in addition to the remaining property where I now reside, much more important is the story of the people who have lived in those walls from 1700 to today.

    Curious stories of those who have inhabited them over time; this is Tuscany, this is my land. My profession is that of a chartered accountant.

    I therefore have a deep-rooted pragmatism within me which is combined with passions towards sport, nature, culture, food and a marked curiosity towards what I do not know.

    With my wife, we have created a farming community, becoming passionate about the cultivation of olive trees and vines. Producing good wines and organic olive oil are some of our main goals to which we dedicate our time.”


    Andrea Rosselli Del Turco