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    Property For Sale In Tuscany

    If you’re thinking of buying a property in Italy’s famous Tuscany, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with Erna Low Property. Our agency will provide you with expert guidance and assist you in every step to finding your dream Italian property.

    About Tuscany

    Tuscany is located in west-central Italy, lying along the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas. The regions characteristic landscape is a blend of gentle rolling hills leading on to sharply peaked mountains that pose a formidable barrier between Tuscany and regions in the south. It is one of the most prosperous agricultural regions in Italy, and specialises in cereals, olives and olive oil, and wines. Fruit and vegetables are also grown, and livestock is also raised in the region.

    Tuscany is a wealth of historical treasures, considered one-of-a-kind worldwide. The region is full of art filled cities and quaint, picturesque villages with a huge cultural heritage and fascinating landscape. There are also amazing islands and coastal areas and protected parks to visit, while also enjoying the incredible food and wine.

    Things to do in Tuscany

    The region of Tuscany has plenty to do during your stay. You can visit the Renaissance palaces, impressive monuments and Romanesque churches built hundreds of years ago, where you can view, in person, the masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo and many other greats.

    After doing all the museums, why not rent a bike and go and explore the hills and villages. In the morning, you could spend time learning about wines and taste great Tuscan wines. Then in the afternoon you could spend time in the kitchen, learning your choice of a few Tuscan recipes, which you can take home with you and impress your friends with.

    Hidden tuscany – message from, our tuscan specialist, who will guide you through your search for your dream italian home

    With the popularity of Tuscan real estate, it’s easy to imagine that there’re no opportunities left to discover that hidden gem in that authentic Italian village, where you can have your own “Under the Tuscan Sun” experience, and yet, there are.

    It is also just three hours from London — two hours flight and one hour of driving — some of Tuscany’s most breath-taking valleys and hills have been inexplicably passed over by the foreign markets and remain relatively untouched.

    In these lesser known towns you will find the sustenance that Italy is famous for: organic vineyards striping the rolling hillsides, terracotta vats of olive oil standing in cool cellars of hilltop villages, fresh baked breads made with the flour from the antique wheat farm, fields and wooded dells laden with wild asparagus in the spring, truffles and porcini mushrooms in the autumn, all just waiting to be foraged and added to a home made frittata.

    It is quite frankly surprising that this area has remained off the beaten path with its countryside dappled as it is with quintessentially restored farm houses and cypress lined drives. It even abounds with fixer-uppers and ruins whose vistas, internal arches and loggias are enough to make an architect weep.

    But this place really does exist. And you know how I know?  I live here. But you’ll never find it, unless you happen to know someone who lives here, it’s not on the road to anywhere…except maybe Rome, where all roads lead.

    I came here for a job, I never meant to stay, but you’ll see, it’s hard to leave. I have been living here for the past 20 years.  It’s a farming community in the heart of Tuscany where a cappuccino is one part espresso, one part frothed milk and 2 parts village gossip. It’s where you find yourself surrounded by wine estates and a country side abundant with wild life, from pheasants to deer, to boars and porcupines

    The area is just one hour away from the city of Florence, one hour from sandy beaches and near the towns of San Gimignano and Volterra, where Etruscan history is ever present.

    My business partner Andrea and I look forward to sharing this beautiful hidden part of the world with you,


    Enrico Cristiani & Andrea Rosselli Del Turco 


    Important: Additional sales cost – please be aware that with all Italian property sales, a three per cent (3%) brokerage fee is chargeable on top of the sales price agreed.



    The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 23.8 °C. January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 4.3 °C. On average, there are 95.95 hours of sunshine per month.

    Transfer time

    Pisa Airport is the best place to fly if visiting Tuscany. An hour and 15 minute drive to Florence, 1 hour 20 minute drive to San Gimignano and a 2 hour drive to Siena.