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    Guide to Foreign Exchange


    There are many benefits of purchasing a property in France with a French mortgage, especially as French banks can offer a fixed repayment rate for the entire duration of your mortgage at very competitive rates. This also allows clients outside the Euro zone to minimise the risks in relation to the foreign exchange, but also in many cases the interest payable on the mortgage can be offset against any income received from a property that our clients have decided to rent.

    Buying abroad is not that difficult, but sometimes the language barrier will put you off. Therefore, we have sourced some extremely efficient, English-speaking partners that we would be more than happy to introduce you to :


    Magna Financial work globally with private and corporate clients to provide a specialist service in foreign exchange. The organisation believes that service is of highest priority, and being able to provide a premium service to all clients that combines a depth of specialist expertise and market insight. Here they want to fully understand their client’s needs and wants and incorporate new strategies that will help execute your trades while minimising the costs.

    The foreign currency market is one of the largest markets, which makes it one of the hardest to predict. To help minimise risk, Magna Financial use strategies which will maximise your cost saving for transactions.

    SPOT CONTRACT – If you have available funds, then you are able to take out a Spot Contract. With the Spot Contract, Magna Financial will ensure you the best rate available on the market, turning your funds around within hours of your order.

    FORWARD CONTRACT – A client would who knows exactly when they will by buying, would be best to take out a Forward Contract to help take advantage of this . A Forward Contract allows you to fix your exchange rate for up to 2 years with an option to draw the funds at any point.

    MARKET ORDERS – Markets trade 24/7, allowing you to take advantage of volatile movements and rates that may not be available during trading hours. By using this tool it can be advantageous in protecting a budgeted position, giving you full control.

    Magna Financial offer our clients the best rates and service Clients can benefit from the following services:

    • Savings on exchange rates
    • 24 hours delivery of funds internationally
    • 1 dedicated dealer as point of contact
    • No commission charges or transfer fees
    • Ability to fix rate for up to 2 years

    For a free quote, please fill out the contact for :