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    French Notaires and legal advice

    What is a Notaire?

    When purchasing a property in France, you will use the services of a Notaire who will oversee and assist you with all the legal aspects of the reservation process. A Notaire is a public official under the authority of the Minister of Justice (Ministère de la Justice) and is appointed by decree. You can be confident that the Notaire you appoint will be working with your best interest in mind, and their sole aim is to ensure that your purchase of a property is carried out in line with French law.

    By purchasing a property with Erna Low Property, you will be introduced to an English-speaking Notaire in the Alps to ensure that all the most important aspects of your purchase are being explained to you in your own language.

    Amongst other things, the Notaire will review and explain your reservation contracts, advise and inform on any questions you may have relating to private, family, fiscal and administrative law.


    What do I pay for these services?

    Notaire fees in France cover their services, any taxes and land registry fees as well as the French equivalent of stamp duty – this is in ‘all in’ sum. The level of these fees is fixed by the French government depending on the age of the property, with buyers benefitting from a large reduction in this fee when purchasing a property off-plan or newer than 5 years.

    Please contact us for further information on the role of the French Notaire and to be introduced to our recommended contact.